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Scribe & Flo-Master

The Scribe was one of Esterbrook's few Ballpoints that did not have a matching pencil or fountain pen. Development of this pen came somewhere around 1961.

Scribe Demonstrator

This particular demonstrator sports a Safari style clip, but appears to have been put on as an afterthought. The original hole for the clip is in place on the opposite side of the barrel, but appears to have cracked. New holes were drilled on this side to accomodate the Safari clip.

Scribe Demonstrator

This is another Scribe Demonstrator, this one being exactly like the final production model with proper clip, different push button, and Esterbrook imprinted on the barrel.

Scribe in Black
Scribe in Blue
Scribe in Grey
Scribe in Peach
Scribe in Red

Scribe Ballpoints came in a number of different colors. Turquoise (not shown here) was also available.

CADO Flo-Master
CADO Flo-Master with Black Barrel
CADO Flo-Master with Black Cap
CADO Flo-Master with Plain Black Cap

In 1964 Esterbrook bought out Cushman & Dennison, manufacturers of the Flo-Master, a felt tip marker. These are examples of CADO Flo-Master pens, with no Esterbrook imprint.

Flo-Master with Black Top
Flo-Master with Blue Top

These are Esterbrook marked Flo-Master pens. The bottom two examples have colored tops, black and blue respectively. In addition, examples can be found with colored caps to represent the color of ink in the pen. Examples in Red and Yellow exist, Flo-Master came with a multitude of different tips to use for different scenarios.