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That which follows is a list of Esterbrook re-new-points (later simplified to Renew-points) made.  While other online charts may list nibs not l isted here, I disagree they actually exist. I can personally verify all of these nibs exist. Not all nibs were made in 1xxx, 2xxx, and 9xxx series.

Got one not listed? Contact Me with a picture and details and I'll add it!

1314 Flexible Stub Social use and manuscript writing
1461 Rigid Fine* Manifolding, carbon copies
1550 Firm Extra Fine Accounting and Bookeeping
1551 Firm Medium General school and clerical use, student
1554 Firm Fine Shorthand and penmanship, clerical
1555 Firm Fine Oficially approved for Gregg Shorthand
2048 Flexible Extra Fine Falcon For clerical and office use , shaded writing
2284 Broad Stub Bold signatures
2312 Italic Medium  
2314F Relief Fine Stub Fine stub
2314M Relief Medium Stub Medium stub
2314B Relief Broad Stub Broad stub
2442 Falcon Stub Firm smooth, popular with executives
2460 Firm Fine Reord keeping
2464 Rigid Broad Multicopy manifold
2550 Firm Extra Fine Bookeeping
2556 Firm Fine Accounting, penmanship and fine writing
2668 Firm Medium General writing
2788 Flexible Medium General writing
2968 Firm Broad General, broad writing
FINE Firm Fine General writing - like 2556
MEDIUM Firm Medium General writing - like 2668
BROAD Firm Broad General writing - like 2968
3312 Relief Medium Italic Gold Plated
3314 Relief Medium Stub Gold Plated
3550 Firm Extra Fine  
3556 Firm Fine  
3668 Firm Medium  
3968 Firm Broad  
5284 Broad Stub Signatures
5442 Falcon Stub Firm Stub
5460 Firm Fine Record Keeping
5461 Rigid Medium Manifolding
5550 Firm Extra Fine Bookeeping
5554 Firm Fine Secretarial Work
5556 Firm Fine Accounting, Fine Writing
5668 Firm Medium General Writing
5788 Flexible Medium General Writing
5968 Firm Broad General Writing
6668 Firm Medium Triumph Style - Prototype General Writing
7550 Firm Extra Fine Fine Manifold
7556 Firm Fine General writing
7668 Firm Medium General writing
7968 Firm Broad Broad writing
8440 Superfine Cartographic Mapmaking
8461 Firm Rigid Fine  
8550 Firm Extra Fine  
8556 Firm Fine  
8668 Firm Medium  
8968 Firm Boad  
9048 Extra Flexible Fine Shaded writing
9128 Extra Flexible Extra Fine  
9284 Broad Stub Signature stub
9312 Italic Medium  
9314F Relief Fine Stub Fine stub
9314M Relief Medium Stub Medium stub
9314B Relief Broad Stub Broad stub
9450 Firm Extra Fine Posting
9460 Manifold Medium Carbon copies
9461 Manifold Fine Carbon copies
9550 Firm Extra Fine  
9555 Firm Extra Fine Gregg shorthand
9556 Firm Fine Fine writing
9668 Firm Medium General writing
9788 Extra Flexible Medium Shaded writing
9968 Firm Broad Broad writing
Relief Fine Osmiridium Relief Fine Stub  
Relief Medium Osmiridium Relief Medium Stub  
Relief Broad Osmiridium Relief Boad Stub  
Frosted Nibs    
* Identified as Rigid Medium in the 1938 catalog