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Esterbrook Safari Pens

Esterbrook launched their new line of Safari cartridge pens and pencils in 1957 to celebrate the company's 100th anniversary.  The first version was an all plastic cap and barrel and is often found with cracks in the cap.  Quality control wasn't what it was expected to be and Esterbrook quickly switched to the metal cap plastic barrel configuration the next year.  Plunger-Fill pens are identical in shape to the second generation Safari, with the same metal cap, but have a blind cap at the end of the barrel to release the plunger filler.  These pens have tight clips, soft plastic barrels which scratch when posted, and a very small ink capacity.

Shop Prototype

This is a shop prototpe of the Safari.  This is not actually a pen, but a mock up held together by a pin in the middle. The barrel end tapers to a much narrower end than the actual production model.  Consider this to be the first Safari.

Profile of the Safari

This is the profile of the Safari Pen with its tapered cap and sleek clip.

Safari in Black
Safari in Dark Blue
Safari in Light Blue
Safari in Green
Safari in Grey
Safari in Red

The Safari was made in six different colors, Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Grey, and Red.

Deluxe Safari in Black
Deluxe Safari in Dark Blue
Deluxe Safari in Light Blue
Deluxe Safari in Green
Deluxe Safari in Grey
Deluxe Safari in Red

Shortly after being introduced, the Safari pen managed to find one noticeable flaw, the cap.  The plastic was too thin and brittle to be handled roughly and broken caps are all too common.  Esterbrook solved this by switching to a metal cap, giving it that "DeLuxe" look.  Only problem was the metal cap now can scratch the barrel end when posting, as can be evidenced by many of my examples shown here.

Plunger Fil in Black
Plunger Fil in Dark Blue
Plunger Fil in Light Blue
Plunger Fil in Green
Plunger Fil in Grey
Plunger Fil in Red

Esterbrook added a third model to he Safari lineup called the Plunger-Fill.  These utilize a very small sac and operate similar to Sheaffer Touchdown fillers.  If you use a broad nib in one of these pens, you'll find yourself refilling several times throughout the day.

Prototype Safari Flighter

This is a prototype "flighter" model of the safari that was never produced.  All steel with ribbing around the barrel similar to the cap.
Esterbrook made two different pencils to match the pens, one was cap actuated others were a twist style.

Profile of Cap actuated Style Pencil
Black safari Cap Actuated Pencil

This is the cap activated pencil, similar to every other Esterbrook pencil before it.  Note the interesting addition to the top of the cap and the wide mid section.

Profile of Twist Style Pencil
Safari Pencil in Blue, Twist Style

This is the twist style pencil that seemed to be the way Esterbrook was moving in their pencil design.  All pencils after this point in Esterbrook history were twist style.

DeLuxe Safari Pencil in Red

DeLuxe style metal capped pencils are all twist as far as I know, I've never seen a cap activated model, and based on what we know about the quality control at the time, don't believe one exists.  This is the model CP.