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Esterbrook Deluxe Fountain Pens

While technicaly not a "Deluxe" pen, this pen does have a metal cap. This is an unusual set with the over-the-top military clip with aluminum caps.  Both have what appear to be earlier "Esterbrook" imprints on the barrel with no ®  symbol after the name.  The pen has the earlier of the semi-flat feeds as well, possibly placing this in the same era as some of the "transitional" J series pens and earlier than SM and LK Deluxe series pens.  Here's a box this set would have come in.  Anyone with information on these particular Esterbrook (model #, colors available, dates of manufacture, etc.) I would appreciate hearing from.

PN Military Clip

Here's an similar military clip pencil in copper.

Esterbrook made two series of pens they called "Deluxe", starting in 1949 with the SM series, to be followed in 1955 with the LK series.  All had metal caps, but the similarities really end there.  SM's were available originally as friction fit caps, but later models screw on.  LK's were screw on as well, but without barrel or cap jewels.

PMS Pencil

The top model is a later screw cap model with the later spoon style lever whereas the bottom pen is earlier with a friction fit cap.  Note the levers on the SM's were plain with no groove in the middle like the J series pens.  The top pen is Aqua (model SMA) and the bottom is Sand (model SMS). Bottom pencil is the model PMS.

This is an LK set in Willow Green.  While a fairly solid pen, the plastics used seem to be a little softer than those used in the SM's, and as a result, have a tendency to have barrels scratched by posting of the cap (as seen in this example).

This is Emerald Green, a little darker than Willow Green.

This is a pair of TK pencils in Royal Blue and Colonial Gray.