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The Ink Feed

This page will show a number of different imprints to be found on Esterbrook pens and is by no means complete. Like other brands, there are many different variations out there.

Relief 66 Imprint

This is from an English made Relief 66.

HR imprint

This is a common early imprint that can be found on all hard rubber pens, $1.50 pens with two hole clips, and some plastic $1.50 style V clips.  The main identifier here is the "squiggle" between the name and "Made in U.S.A."

V Clip imprint

V clips can be found with three different imprints. You'll find this and the one below on plastic pens only.

V Clip imprint

This is the third V clip variation, note the omission of the "R" and "+Co." in the imprint.

Early Dollar Pen Imprint
Later Dollar Pen Imprint
These two imprints represent the two main variants seen with all plastic dollar pens.  The top variant appears to be an earlier derivation of the two and can be found on both 1934 and 1938 style clips.  The bottom variant, however, is primarily found on 1938 and later clipped pens.

Transitional Imprint

This imprint can be found on transitional single jewel J series pens as well as early double jewel pens without the ® symbol.

Early Renew-Point demonstrator Imprint
Intermediate Renew Point Demonstrator Imprint
Late Renew Point Demonstrator Imprint

These are three different styles of Imprints found on the Renew-point Demonstrator Desk Pens.