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Dip Pen Boxes: Philadelphia

Philadephia 1

I've become quite fond of early Esterbrook dip pen boxes for their artwork and sheer beauty.  Here are some that I've come across recently.  The first boxes made by Esterbrook only state the Philadelphia address, later boxes integrated the John St., NY address and finally Camden, NJ.

Philadelphia 048 Box
Philadelphia Box Guarantee
Side of Philadelphia Box
Side of Philadelphia Box
Side band for Philadelphia box
Inside of Philadelphia box

Philadelphia 048 Falcon box

This is one of the earliest boxes made as it only shows the Philadelphia marking on it.  The Caution note on the back of the box has different wording than others I've seen.

Later Red 048 Philadelphia box
Red Philadelphia Guarantee
Side band for red Philadelphia box

Philadelphia/NY 048 Falcon Box

This is similar to the blue box above, but also lists the New York address on the back of the box.  Still no reference to Camden NJ yet.