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Desk Pen Boxes

Page 2

Earliest desk pen box

This box contains the earliest version of the Esterbrook desk pens.  Note the "Re-New-Point" reference and the different font used.  The pen for this box has the full R. Esterbrook + Co. imprint with a solid black or solid red taper.

Box for bandless desk pen

This box is for a bandless desk pen with a grooved spade style lever.  It's a shorter box than the others.

Standard model W desk pen box

This box I believe is for a standard clear taper desk pen.  I don't have a pen in it, but the style looks similar to later models.

Model W desk pen box

This box has a model W with black taper.  Outfitted with original price band, $1.50 bought this for you back in the 1940's.