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$1.00 Pens

More $1.00 Pens

Early Black B
Early Copper BN
Early Green HE
Early Grey AQ
Early Red AR
Early Blue HL

Early Dollar Pens had round cut outs in the clip as seen above. From top down, a Full sized Model B in Black, Full sized Model BN in Copper, a demi sized Model HE in Green, a slender Model AQ in Grey, a slender Model AR in Red, and a demi model HL in Blue.

Model PW

Model PW White Doctor's/Nurse's Pencil. Unusual early model with round cutouts in clip.

Model BW
Model PW no indicators

An early Doctor's set this time without the indicator markings on the cap or barrel end.

Model BWR
Model BWB
Model NTW Thermometer Case

This is a pair of early Doctor's pens in the dollar pen style.  The top pen has red on the top of the cap and at the end of the barrel to denote red ink, and the second pen has black indicators for black ink.  While the PW pencil shown above does not have a red or black marking at the top of the cap (they often did to match the pen in a set), it is from the same time period.  As a matter of fact, even though the cut outs on the pencil are more rounded and lack the rib going to the top part of the cap like the pens do, both styles of clips are pictured in the 1941-1942 catalog.  The bottom item is the hard to find thermometer case.

Model B Bandless
Model BN Bandless
Model BE Bandless
Model BQ Bandless
Model BR Bandless
Model BL Bandless
Model PL Bandless

Esterbrook moved to a what is now referred to as a "bandless" design near the war years in the early 1940's. Trim plating was slightly thinner and brassed more easily as shown on the lever and clips on these pens and pencil.

Model PS ca. 1934

This is one of the more highly sought after pencils, the model PS in Sterling Silver, ca. 1934. At three times the price of the regular pen or pencil at the time, it doesn't qualify as a "Dollar" pencil, but is included here as it was made during the same period.  A model was also made in Gold Fill.

PS Imprint

Close up of the imprint under the cap of the model PS. It is marked "Sterling" opposite this imprint.